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Accossato PRS2 19x18 Adjustable Radial Brake Master Cylinder with Folding Lever.

Price inc. VAT: 240 £


Part Number: AG 022PK


Accossato PRS2 19x18 Adjustable Radial Brake Master Cylinder with Folding Lever.

CNC machined and hard anodised to give you improved feel & performance.

The PRS2 radial master cylinder is adjustable for 19 x 17/18/19 ratio setting and now comes fitted with the patented adjustment system from the PRS EVO master cylinder.

Adjustment now takes just a few seconds and the unique Accossato twin cam system means you can adjust the lever ratio and retain the correct aligment between piston & plunger shaft.

PRS2 comes fitted with the Accossato folding lever which folds rather than break in the event of a crash.

The Accossato Radial Brake Master Cylinder PRS 19mm is perfect for the dual disk systems motorbikes and it has the characteristic of having the adjustable offset between 17 - 18 - 19 (the user can choose the preferred).

It offers a continuous and unmatched braking power compared to the original master cylinder.

Offset Guide:
19x17: recommended for Racetrack use
19x18: recommended for Racetrack use
19x19: recommended for Road - Racetrack use
The choice of the offset must be based on the type of braking the user wants to obtain.
A lower offset implies a more sensitive and aggressive braking while a higher offset results in a more modular and progressive braking.

The Accossato Master Cylinders are used in many competitions, such as Superbike, Moto 2, Moto 3, AMA Superbike, BSB and are characterised by a really strong braking, so a short passive running.
The feeling with the lever is immediate, the braking process is always strong and without compromises; this result is possible thanks to a mechanical tolerance reduction and the joining of all the master cylinders parts.
The master cylinder gaskets are made of a material which comes from Formula1 and it ensures, with the use of DOT4, a long duration and no ordinary repairs is needed.
The Braking system is one of the most important things on a motorcycle.
An upgrade is important to do so on an informed basis and with the best on the market.




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