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Brembo Sport.Evo 500++ 250ml Brake Fluid DOT4 - 04816450

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Brembo Sport.Evo 500++ 250ml Brake Fluid  

Brembo Part no:  04816450


For the most demanding motorbike riders, Brembo DOT 4 Sport.EVO 500++, formulated for real enthusiasts.

For the most demanding motorcyclists, Brembo has two different types of brake fluid: Brembo DOT 4 Sport.EVO 500++, formulated for enthusiasts offering the best possible characteristics under stress for those who race on the track.


Brembo SPORT.EVO 500++ will mix safely with other DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 brake and clutch fluids conforming to the above specifications.

While Brembo SPORT.EVO 500++ is suitable for use in the hydraulic brake and clutch systems of all cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles for which a non-petroleum based fluid is specified, it has been specially formulated to meet the system performance requirements of the ENTHUSIAST upgrading the Braking System using a Brembo High Performance Kit.

Brembo SPORT.EVO 500++ is well suited to vehicles with ABS braking systems.

For maximum safety and performance Brembo recommends that brake fluid is changed every



Fallow vehicle manufacturers recommendation when adding brake fluid. 


Keep brake fliud clean and dry.

Contamination with dirt, water, petroleum products or other materials may result in brake failure or costly repairs.

Store brake fluid only in its original container.

Keep container clean and tightly closed to prevent absorption of water.


Do NOT refill container and do not use for other liquids.

Not suitable for Vehicles with mineral oil systems.

If in doubt consult vehicle handbook.

Be aware NOT to mix Brembo Sport.Evo 500++ with other fluids unless you follow

the above technical specifications. 



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