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Brembo Racing Billet CNC Radial Brake Master Cylinder 19x18 - XA7G7G0

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Brembo Part Number XA7G7G0


Brembo Racing Billet CNC Radial Brake Master Cylinder 19x18 - XA7G7G0 


XA7G7 is the Top Brembo Master Cylinder Line, not a Race Replica but the master cylinder used in MotoGP and SBK!

This brake pump is used today in Moto GP and was designed and created for racing on the track and therefore to offer maximum performance.

The pump, machined from full CNC, allows maximum readiness and perfectly adjustable braking in all conditions of use, with excellent linearity between the force applied by the pilot to the lever and the braking response, so as to obtain an impeccable feeling with the braking.

Machining from solid, which uses sophisticated CNC machines, offers maximum lightness thanks to optimal machining tolerances and a higher overall quality of the product, both intrinsic and aesthetic.

This model has the option to adjust the distance of the side lever: thanks to the remote adjuster, derived directly from competitions, track enthusiasts can rely on a micrometric adjustment system of the brake lever in all conditions of use, even the most extreme. The adjustment of the lever distance, both to bring the lever closer to the gas control and to move it away, is guaranteed by the torque transmission flange, which uses a special process to guarantee the micrometric click.

The pump uses a 19 mm diameter piston, a lever center distance of 18, and a jointed lever. The upgrade for the LVDT sensor is also available.

For the surface finish, the oxidation normally used in MotoGP and Superbike was chosen.

This component has been designed specifically for racing applications. For this reason, its correct assembly on standard bikes may require the use of specific adapters not supplied with the product and must be carried out by highly qualified and competent professionals in the racing sector.

​Brembo is a highly regarded leader in the international market for the production of brake discs, calipers and complete braking systems. Based on its unique know-how, it is capable of spanning a wide market range, from the production of brake discs for the most popular vehicles in the European, American and Japanese markets, to discs for the more prestigious, exclusive models.

The high level of technology and reliability offered by Brembo is the result of the integrated production process that exists within the company. This includes all the phases of the manufacturing process itself, from research and development to testing, and the casting and mechanical processing stages.


XA7G7G0 : Piston Diameter = 19 mm. - Ratio = 18 mm

Material = CNC Aluminum

Finishing = Hard Anodized

Brake Fluid= DOT 4

Weight 284 gr (about).




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