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Accossato Cable Clutch Lever Assembly

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Clutch Lever Assembly for 22mm handlebars.

The ACCOSSATO clutch controls are among the top selling products on a national and international level.

Anyone who has tried them, was able to literally "touch" as this type of product is incident on the feeling of the clutch, to almost make it look hydraulic instead of cable.

Used by leading the SBK championship team, Moto 2 and Moto 3 AMA Superbike Championship, the clutch control is an exclusive patent of the ACCOSSATO Group: Unique in its category, in addition to the adjustment to "click" of the clutch cable, the command patented clutch accossato is the only one to boast the adjustment of the grip away from the knob.


**Micro swith is an option for street bikes**






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