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Brembo Racing 64mm CNC Billet P4 24 Rear Brake Caliper without pads -X206101

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Bremnbo part number: X206101





Brembo Racing 64mm CNC Axial Billet P4 24 Rear Brake Caliper - X206101


Please Note This Caliper Comes Without Brake Pads.



Brembo is a highly regarded leader in the international market for the production of brake discs, calipers and complete braking systems. 

This caliper is used with excellent performance on all Supersports and racing bikes, as in Moto2, Moto3 and MotoGP.

Based on its unique know-how, it is capable of spanning a wide market range, from the production of brake discs for the most popular vehicles in the European, American and Japanese markets, to discs for the more prestigious, exclusive models.

The high level of technology and reliability offered by Brembo is the result of the integrated production process that exists within the company. 

This includes all the phases of the manufacturing process itself, from research and development to testing, and the casting and mechanical processing stages.

This caliper is a rather light competition caliper, designed specifically for pilots who heavily use the rear brake.

The clamp is in two pieces and is entirely made from solid. This process, which uses sophisticated numerical control machines, offers maximum values ​​of rigidity and lightness that are reflected in the absolute excellence of performance.

Inside there are 4 pistons with a diameter of 24 mm. 

The clamp provides for hand assembly and objectivation of the tightening torque of the screws. To be fixed, this caliper needs a specific adaptation bracket. 

Not only that, it is increasingly appreciated even in South East Asia, where it is used as a front caliper in “underbone” category competitions, where the engine is positioned under the chassis.

This caliper can be used with rear discs with both 24 mm and 30 mm brake bands.

This component was designed specifically for racing applications.



Material: billet aluminum CNC

Compatibility: Universal with some adaptation needed

Code: 206101

Pistons diameter: 24mm

Wheelbase: 64mm

Number of pistons: 4

H.Brake band: 24-30 mm

Surface protection: hard oxidation







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