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Brembo Racing P2 34 84mm Cast Sport Rear Axial Brake Caliper with Pads, 20B85270

Price inc. VAT: 142.99 £

Available quantity: 2

Brembo part number: 20B85270



Brembo rear caliper is made by casting to offer maximum performance, with two 34mm diameter pistons (P2 34), complete with sintered pads.

To those who want the maximum even for the rear brake, Brembo offers a dedicated high performance kit, interchangeable on most European and Japanese supersports.

This rear caliper, thanks to the special attention of Brembo, has managed to achieve excellent control of the braking in all conditions, even in the case of poor grip.

84mm caliper will fit most Ducati and Aprilia bikes.


The rear caliper is supplied on it`s own, no instruction, no banjo or mounting bolts and in a bubble envelope.

This is how we received them from Brembo.


 Position: Rear

 Caliper Body: 2 Pieces

 Ø Pistons mm: 34

 Pistons Q.ty: 2

 Disc height mm: 35

 Material: Cast Aluminium

 Surface protection: Titanium anodic oxidation

 Piston material: Aluminium

 Weight w/o pads (gr): 465

 Mounted pads included: yes

 Offset (mm):16




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