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Capit Suprema Spina TNT Tyre Warmers, Front 120/17’ Rear <=205/16-17’ M/XL

Price inc. VAT: 320 £

Available quantity: 3

Red Capit Suprema Spina TNT Technology Tyre Warmers, Size M/XL (most 1000cc superbikes).

Fits Front 120/17'' Rear <=205/16-17'' 


The new line SUPREMA is characterised for bringing together the merits of previous models SPORT (from which it offered the best value for money in the market) and MAXIMA (from which it offered the side wall heater).

It also offers some technical aspects that further improve the performance and the overall quality.

Technology ''''TNT'''' self-regulating that doesn't require the use of traditional thermostat. 

This allows a thermal stability to 85°C lasting in time that no one mechanical thermostat can guarantee. 

The absence of a critical component as the thermostat increases greatly the reliability of our product.

•HEAD SPREADER fabric (internal fabric highly conductive realised with precious metal alloys) able to diffuse perfectly the heat and reduce drastically the consumption of electricity thanks to the best thermal efficiency.


**They are in UK stock and comes with UK plug and UK warrenty, please beware of others shipped from overseas.**



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